Arabian Eagle International
is not only a new way to promote your business and services but it is unique in fact!

Arabian Eagle International has been active in the Middle East and International travelers’ business sector since 1986.

We have built a wide clientele platform and have established a strong base in this unique business sector, Over the past few years we have introduced several new services to our clients that met their satisfaction and played an important role in expanding our platform to other market categories and geographical markets.

Arabian Eagle International strives always to enhance its services and perfected its interaction with its clients to ensure a progressive business growth and an excellent reputation.

Arabian Eagle International has established branches in many GCC and M.E. countries and is always on the look for new opportunities and a wider geographical business platform.

Under this, Arabian Eagle International has made alliances with advanced reputed organizations in effort to complete its service line and upgrade its operations and marketing strategies.

Recently Arabian Eagle International has invited several reputed companies and members to join its promotion campaign, which concentrates on the Arabian Peninsula and some other geography locations in the Middle East.

The results were overwhelming, In this regard Arabian Eagle International business development and customer relations divisions have tested the promotion of a new service to its clients connected to its planned worldwide operations and have reported an exceptional reception by the majority of our members.

The categories that we are targeting in this part of the world spend Billions of dollars every year on their travels and accessories, hence the size of this service is large and its yearly growth is expected to be much over the average at AE

We are now on the search for a party that would be interested in this opportunity with us and can consolidate its services with ours to meet the demand of our clients for our worldwide operations.

We feel confident that our future plans would be met with a party of your class, We will be ready to use our clientele platform of our members to expand our business operations, which your organization will greatly profit from.

At this stage we would like you to joint our Scheme.

What’s the Cost and what are the Advantages of joining the . . . .


In fact there is  NO  initial financial outlay for your company to join the ARABIAN EAGLE INT’L Scheme.

All you have to do is complete the form on this leaflet answering the various questions concerning your business and what services and special privileges you can offer ARABIAN EAGLE INT’L Members and send it to the address listed.


Once you have joined the ARABIAN EAGLE INT’L, your company and establishment will be automatically listed in our system with full details, also your name will automatically circulated to all the members as a new company where they can use their various cards. At the same time you will be incorporated into the Travel/Services Consultancy listing.

AE Cards

Membership Card

The Arabian Eagle VIP Membership from Arabian Eagle International offers the member range of benefits that not only saves money, but also makes international travel that much easier.     More info

Priority Pass

Priority Pass to ensure a more convenient travel experience for Arabian Eagle travelers of all class status, we are pleased to offer Arabian Eagle members the priority pass which grants them access to over 850 VIP lounges at international airports in more than 120 countries and 400 cities worldwide.    More info

Shorakaa Arabian Eagle Card

Super saver cost cuter card
The Shorakaa Arabian Eagle super saver Card is to be used for several purposes It enables its holder to get discounts in shopping centers; health clubs and car hire companies all over the Kingdome.     More info

Arabian Eagle International Card - Master Card

Arabian Eagle international Card is like any other credit card. However, you are only determine how much you spend out through the pre-deposit. You can order our new Arabian Eagle International MasterCard® prepaid debit card. More info