Priority Pass

Priority Pass Airport Lounge Access provides eligible MasterCard cardholders with access to, and all of the privileges of, more than 850 VIP lounges in major airports in over 120 countries worldwide. No matter what airline, what frequent flyer membership, or class of ticket bought, eligible cardholders will enjoy all of the convenience of an airport lounge.

How Priority Pass works

Before travelling, cardholders can log on to Priority Pass and view a directory of airport lounges available worldwide. Eligible cardholders present their Priority Pass membership cards to gain admission for themselves; guests are permitted at the discretion of each lounge. Cardholders will enjoy complimentary refreshments, newspapers, and television. In addition, there is access to business facilities including phone, fax, conference and Internet facilities (where available). The information contained herein is provided solely for general informational purposes. It does not intend to be a complete description of all terms, conditions, limitations, exclusions, or other provisions of any program or insurance benefits provided by, or for, or issued to Arabian Eagle international Card. For any questions please contact Arabian Eagle international Card Assistance center at

Priority Pass is the world’s largest independent airport lounge access program.

Membership offers great value for money and allows you to use any of 600 airport lounges whenever you travel

Peace and quiet

Airports are stressful places. The best way to reduce that stress is to slip into an executive lounge while you wait for your flight. The benefits of Priority Pass membership allow you to do that whenever you travel, regardless of which class or which airline you fly.


Lounges throughout the world

With an extensive range of business lounges in over 120 countries and more than 400 cities, Priority Pass is the world's largest independent airport lounge program. Use the Find your Lounge box on this page to find Priority Pass lounges in the airports you use.


No stress. No panic. Just calm

There is no more stress-free way to travel than via a VIP lounge. At last, you can escape the chaos of cancellations, flight delays and crowded departure halls. And enjoy, instead, a quiet sanctuary where you’ll find everything you need – for business or for pleasure.


Space – your most precious commodity

Room to work and space to breathe can be hard to find in a busy schedule. We realise this. That’s why a VIP lounge has everything you need to relax – even when you’re working. You can catch up with calls. Rehearse your presentation. Or – go on – just sit back, put your feet up and read a favorite book.


Little pleasures, it’s true. But important ones, that you too could soon be enjoying.

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Be a part of the world's largest airport lounge community - Priority Pass is the world's largest independent airport lounge program. Our members know a thing or two about airports and travel, taking on average 17 flights a year. Now that's frequent flying! Read up on latest Priority Pass news and offers, and join in the debate.

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Priority Pass - Over 850 lounges now open to Priority Pass members

Now bigger and better than ever with more than 850 lounges throughout the world available to all our members.

This significant increase will be welcomed by members who are able to use any of the lounges in the program whenever they travel, regardless of airline or class of travel.

Priority Pass is one of the beneficiaries of the uncertain economic climate, as more travelers seek to cut travel costs and downgrade from business class. By joining Priority Pass, travelers can ensure that they can gain access to the facilities of VIP lounges, even when flying economy class. Lounges offer refreshments, business facilities and, above all, peace and quiet.

“Our program has always appealed to those travelers who want to escape crowded, noisy departure halls without paying through the nose,” commented Jonathan French, Priority Pass Head of Brand, “but now our program expansion has coincided with an upturn in interest from a new group of downgrading travelers. They realize that on short-haul flights, they can spend as much time in the airport as on the aircraft, and it’s on the ground that getting access to a VIP area can pay dividends in terms of reducing the stress of travel.”

The growth of Priority Pass to over 850 lounges means that members can rely on finding a lounge at more than 400 airports across 120 countries.

French added, “While some in the travel industry are scaling back, we continue to invest in growth and in meeting our objective of ensuring our members can use a lounge whenever they travel.”


Highlights of the growth during 2008 include:

Membership offers great value for money and allows you to use any of 850 airport lounges whenever you travel


  • Comprehensive coverage of UK airports expanded to include Plymouth and Inverness.
  • Additional lounges in Spain, Italy and Germany, boosting an already very comprehensive program.
  • New lounges in Eastern Europe, including Ukraine, Poland, Slovak Republic, Hungary and Russia.

Asia Pacific

  • Significant expansion in key cities, with multiple lounges added in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Qingdao and Seoul.
  • New lounges in India including at Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Chennai and Cochin.
  • New lounges in Japan, including at Tokyo, Fukuoka, Nagoya and Osaka
  • As well as Seoul, additional new locations and lounges added in South Korea, including Busan and Jeju Island.

Middle East

  • New lounges available in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Saudi ASrabia and Jordan.

North America

  • A long list of new lounges in the USA includes additions to our program in Atlanta, Boston, Denver Honolulu, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York JFK, Phoenix, and Raleigh Durham.

Latin America and Caribbean

  • A comprehensive program has been expanded further with additional lounges in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama and Peru

About Priority Pass

Priority Pass was launched in 1992 with the goal of providing frequent travelers with airport lounge access, regardless of their class of travel, airline flown or existing membership in an airline frequent flyer program.

In 17 years Priority Pass has become the world's largest independent airport lounge access program. Starting with just 55 lounges, today Priority Pass works with over 850 lounges in more than 400 cities throughout the world - and the network of lounges continues to grow.

Priority Pass has millions of members in all corners of the world and there are Priority Pass offices in Dallas, London and Hong Kong.

How Membership Works

Priority Pass offers three membership plans, each appropriate to a different type of traveler.

Prestige Membership offers outstanding value for the money for frequent travelers. For a single annual membership fee of US$400, members can make unlimited visits to all the lounges in the program.

membership plans allow members to take guests into the lounges with them, at a fee of US$27 per guest per visit.